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East London-based FMCG company, Dynamic Brands has been dedicated to manufacturing and distributing the best quality range of dilutables and ready to drink (RTD) beverage products in South Africa under its own brands since 2001 when CEO, John Kew, identified a unique gap in the dilutable dairy blend market. The company also packages certain private label products for the Boxer and U-save retail chains.

In 2007, after several years of extensive work, the team found the formula to success in the product consumers now know and love – Fusion Dairy Blend. This was the first innovation that unlocked sought after growth and solidified their presence as a contender within the dilutes category.

Dynamic Brands’ primary focus is on dairy-based concentrates which comprise approximately 95% of its production, with the remaining 5% being fruit-based products. The company’s portfolio includes brands like Rascals, Mr Orange, Elvin, Coco’s Cordial, and Delicious.

Alan Oberem is the Customer Executive at the company and here we get to know more about him, what he enjoys most about the industry, and what’s next for Dynamic Brands.

Alan, tell us about yourself and your career journey to date.
AO: In my early years, I was involved in exporting steel, but I entered the FMCG/Beverage Industry early in 2000 through a small CSD Franchise.
I joined Dynamic Brands in 2008, right at the beginning of Fusion, which is our core brand.

What do you most enjoy about working in the FMCG industry and in the beverage space in particular?
AO: I particularly enjoy the fast-moving pace of FMCG as well as the entrepreneurial nature of our business within the beverage category.

In your opinion, what skills and qualities are key to being a successful leader in the industry?
AO: I’ve always tried to instill an entrepreneurial culture in our sales force, but trading in FMCG requires that you remain flexible, innovative and that you act with speed to ensure success.

Changing consumer habits during the pandemic have led to a plethora of new behavioural trends. What trends have you noted as most significant this year in the beverage sector?
AO: We have noticed that consumers in our space, have been extremely price-sensitive, whilst still demanding quality.

What are some of the main areas you see transforming in beverage retail in the coming year, and how do you think they will transform?
AO: The consumer’s focus seems to be leaning towards Private Label, and we are well-positioned and heavily invested in this arena.

What can we expect from Dynamic Brands in the future?
AO: Our main focus area is always to protect our current market share, while at the same time trying to build market share for some of our secondary brands.

We are continually evolving and launching new products and putting a lot of effort into building these brands. We have a lot of innovative projects/new launches in the pipeline.

Any valuable career advice you can give to an aspiring young professional looking to tap into the FMCG space?
AO: Obviously, to be truly successful in the FMCG space, you need to have experience, and the easiest and quickest way to achieve this is to spend as much time as possible in the trade.

This is where you learn all the most important lessons.