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Rascals Little Mischief Maker

Rascals - Little Mischief Makers

Mischievous, adventurous, and full of flavour. Rascals, the well-beloved beverage that's bursting with fun and flavour is the drink for kids and the young-at-heart in Mzansi. Available in Ready to Drink, Syrup Concentrate and now in a convenient little 48ml Milk Squeeze Flavour Enhancer to amp up the fun.

Unit Size Available: Ready to Drink Squash - 300ml, Syrup - 750ml, Low Fat Milk - 350ml(Coming soon), Milk Enhancer - 48ml

300ml Ready to Drink Range

Rascals - 300ml

750ml Squeezy Mix Range

Rascals - 750ml

48ml Milk Squeeze Range

Rascals - Flavour Enhancer